April Fool’s Told Through Videos, Memes, and More

It’s the first day of April. You know what that means… it’s April Fool’s Day! That day when you are hit with pranks.

Club Penguin’s last April Fool’s Day Party was back in 2012. Since then, the April Fool’s Parties have ceased, sadly. I want to keep the Club Penguin April Fool’s spirit alive by sharing some of CP’s old April Fool’s videos with you.

Episode 17 of the Spoiler Alert, Club Penguin’s now-defunct video series, was released on April 1, 2014. Evidently, this episode’s theme was April Fool’s. It’s a silly, wacky video that lasts almost eight minutes. This episode was also the last episode of Season 1 of the Spoiler Alert. You can watch the video on Club Penguin’s official blog here: http://www.clubpenguin.com/blog/2013/04/video-real-spoiler-alert-episode-17-april-fools

For the final April Fool’s Day Party in 2012, Club Penguin released this video, showing the top ten things to do during the party:

Now on to the memes and funny stuff! Club Penguin claims that because of the low traffic during the April Fool’s Parties, they do not continue them. And I am using the word “claim” because of this witty meme made by my good pal, @Debu2001_:

Some funny April Fool’s tweets made by yours truly…

Quitting Club Penguin is a very common April Fool’s joke, but I decided to put a reason for doing so:

On April Fool’s Day, don’t you feel doubtful of everything you hear?

And finally, this weird thing I rapidly created on the simple Microsoft Paint:

April Fool’s Day is the time to be wacky, do pranks, and most of all, have fun.


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