Puffle Party 2015: A Successful Party, Today’s Updates ROCK

Lemme start this review by saying this: The Puffle Party of 2015 is the best party of this year, so far. In fact, it’s better than most 2014 parties. My friends on Twitter love this party, as well. It’s a big hit, that’s for sure!

This party is different from the previous parties this past year. There’s a good interaction with this party. You explore the wilds of Club Penguin, finding foods and discovering new Puffles. (Something, or someone, is discovered at the end, too!) It’s sorta like tasks, except you don’t have any task screen and you don’t have to wait for a certain event and item to release. I like this party’s tasks; it’s a lot better than tasks we’ve seen before. You’ll even see cameo appearances. It’s pretty funny. The only downside I see of this party is that the expedition didn’t take very long. I completed the entire expedition in less than 10 minutes. It’s an improvement though, since some past parties could be finished in like three minutes or less.

Let’s talk about the rooms and decorations now. Everything on the island besides the wild rooms is reused from last year’s Puffle Party. I don’t mind though; almost the whole island is filled with Puffle decorations, even interior rooms like the Coffee Shop. That’s definitely a plus.

Another sweet thing about the Puffle Party is the Puffle Emojis, haha. Would you like Club Penguin to keep the Puffle Emojis permanently? I would!

All in all, the 2015 Puffle Party is wonderful. Without a doubt, Club Penguin did an excellent job on the party. It has kept me entertained for a while and I am satisfied with the party.

There’s been some other cool stuff included in this update besides the Puffle Party. First of all, the Puffle Guide Badge Pin in the Puffle Lodge has decreased in size. And it’s not just a small change. Take a look!

Small Puffle Guide Badge Pin

There was also something in this update that I would have NEVER expected. I came online on Twitter, and saw that my friend, @1999bloo, tweeted me this:

Yes, it’s true. MY ARTWORK GOT FEATURED IN THE CLUB PENGUIN TIMES. AUNT ARCTIC MENTIONED MY NAME. (Yes, I could not resist saying that in caps.) Big thanks to the Club Penguin team for doing so! 🙂

I’ve heard some people say that Club Penguin doesn’t listen to us. That is wrong, because they do. Not all suggestions can be implemented into the game, but Club Penguin always has their ears ready to hear what we have to say. Today’s update proved just that.


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