A Possible Solution for Those Pesky Bugs

The everyday life of a Club Penguin resident should be all about friendship, fun, games… and bugs?! Wait, that’s not good. Unfortunately, the Club Penguin life these days is full of bugs. In previous times, bugs were not as common and if they did arise, they would normally be fixed in a jiffy. Lately, the amount and intensity of the bugs seem to be higher. Everyone is getting annoyed of those bugs and everyone is talking about it, especially during the updates. When Club Penguin updates, I always search for any bugs, no kidding here! I even make memes and more about them for my entertainment sometimes. 😛

Sometimes, I think that 2015 has more bugs than 2005, as I said in this tweet:

No matter how simple or sophisticated Club Penguin’s technology is, bugs are unavoidable. But surely, there must be something that can be done to improve the bug situation in Club Penguin. I’ve got an idea to propose for the Club Penguin team: The launch of a beta test program for Club Penguin players, something similar to the Beta Team (2011-2013) or the Club Penguin Improvement Project of 2008 (CPIP). It could be beta testing anything, from Club Penguin in its ordinary state to an environment that’s totally new. Maybe it could be called the Club Penguin Improvement Project: The Sequel. 😛 Special thanks to Trainman1405 for the inspiration of the idea:

By testing the game, the Club Penguin team receives bug reports and feedback from players. Consequently, they can use this information to make improvements to whatever they are testing. Both the Beta Team and the CPIP have been effective in testing their content for flaws as well as reducing bugs. In Club Penguin’s history, there’s another beta test worth mentioning. You know the mini-game, Card-Jitsu Snow, right? Well, it was tested by players in early 2013 before it’s official release a few months later. However, it’s official launch still had bugs, and serious ones, as a matter of fact. But I am sure that the CJ Snow beta test tremendously aided Club Penguin in perfecting the game… even though the result wasn’t perfect.

Okay, let’s get back to the idea of a new beta test for Club Penguin. Today, CP is an enormous game, bigger and more complex than ever before. The Club Penguin team is hard at work with parties, mobile apps, catalogs, and more. How will they have the time for a beta test? I recommend putting a halt to mini-parties for a non-permanent time is one way to earn more time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love mini-parties, but I think Club Penguin should focus on the bugs right now. Anything else that is minor can be considered to cease for a temporary time.

My first major blog post is about bugs, because bugs are NOT fun. At all. They are irritating and the worst ones can ruin the entire experience on Club Penguin. Some bugs have been fixed quickly, but others are still around, several are years old. I really, really want bugs to be decreased so all of us can have a better time on Club Penguin.

You have just finished reading my first major blog post, and I thank you for doing so. Hope you liked it! If you want to, comment with your thoughts of the idea, suggestions for future blog posts, and more!


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